Equality For All

Having a disability that affects my social skills challenges me to understand relationships and societal behaviors. Recent headlines, showing George Floyd along with other minorities being abused and murdered by the people who are supposed to protect our country has made me realize that racial injustice continues to perpetuate. My social challenge does not fail me to understand that the heinous acts of abuse, discrimination, hatred, murder, and sex crimes are not just wrong; THEY ARE criminal acts and a complete disgrace to The Constitution of the United States!

I’ve had sleepless nights knowing that ignorance combined with societal insecurities have shamed our country. Racial injustice to minorities, especially African Americans destroys our stability and compromises our efforts to establish peace. As a conscious individual, I cannot ignore or do nothing about the racial injustice in our society!

We are long overdue for admitting and dismantling systemic racism. United means all inclusive and is a gate to great potential. You can join working toward Equality for All by speaking out against racial injustice and spreading the word!

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